One Picture, Three Sketches: Pick the Perfect Scrapbook Layout Size for Your Project

One Photo Three Sketches

When you start a layout, you start with a blank canvas — how you fill that canvas is completely up to you.

Many times, it depends on what you select as the focal point of your scrapbook page. For example, if a single photo is the primary focus of your layout, almost everything you add to your page – your embellishments, title, and journaling – are used to accent and highlight that photo. Because your canvas is the base that holds all those different elements together, it is one of the most important parts of your layout.

I wanted to begin scrapbooking years before I finally pulled out my photos and started. There were a few roadblocks that prevented me from moving forward. It may sound crazy, but one of my primary issues was my canvas: What size should I scrap? Should I use cardstock as my base? Or should I use patterned paper? What color should I start with?

In this post, I am going to address that first question… [Read more…]

Scrapbook Sketch for 5×7 Photo

One of my ongoing projects is to create albums for my sons’ school photos and for their team sports. They usually get professional portraits taken for their school yearbooks and with their teams. When I place orders for their pics, I always pay for an extra 5×7 copy that I can use for scrapbooking.

Those spares have just been sitting in a box, but now I plan to finally get some albums put together using those photographs. However, before I could roll up my sleeves and get scrapping, I had to make a few sketches using 5×7 photos. I have a few sketches ready now, and as I have time, I plan to convert them to digital drawings and share them with you here. Here is the first one…

Scrapbook Sketch for 5x7 Photo [Read more…]

Ink Distressing Technique for Paper and Cardstock

Inking the edges of your cardstock and scrapbook paper will make them stand out on your scrapbook layouts and handmade cards. This is one of my favorite distressing techniques, and I use it in many different ways:

  • Die cuts tend to fade into the background or get lost on a page when there are a lot of competing elements. This provides a quick and easy fix to that problem.
  • Vintage is very popular, but how can you add a timeworn look to your brand new pages? Inking the edges of your entire layout, as well as different scrapbooking elements, such as photo mats and embellishments, will give it an antique look.
  • It’s common to use several different patterns and colors when putting together a single layout. Unify these patterns and colors by using the same color ink on various elements of your scrapbook page.

There are many different methods that you can use, but the technique that I am going to share with you below is the only one that I use. I have tried other ways, but I like this one best because, quite simply, I think it provides the best results – it’s quick and easy, not too messy, and looks great! [Read more…]